How to play the “getter”, also referred to as the “rabbit”! These players are frustrating to play because they seem to get to every shot. Here are five rules for defeating the rabbit.

1. Play deep so you will have a good angle to their “gets”.

2. Hit down the lines and wide angles so there is less to “get”.

3. Stay patient on gets, the spectacular ones especially-expect this and resist the temptation to hit lower, which leads to skips.

4. Do not reshoot the first get all the time, but hit a ceiling ball once in awhile. It will take them out of their “hunkered down in center court positioning.

5. Aim a little higher and hit a pass rather than an attempted kill as it gives them a poor angle-this is most effective with down the line passes!

6. Hit behind the getter–if the right side is open aim left as the getter is on the go to the right and will have to reverse course!

Now go get the rabbits, tigers!

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