“I’m taking next month off Coach, I will see you in 30 days.”

Do you know how many people told me that? In the 30 days you had a chance to really advance your training while everyone else took the month off. If you took the month off too, you gained nothing but you at best tread water so you stayed the same. Now the month passes and it is time to get back to work!

Once you decide to be a racquetball player get a workout routine. Drop the racquet for a month but not the routine. That is what keeps you within striking distance of your goals.

Develop a training schedule.

Develop a plan every day to get better.

Include nutrition and mental training too.

Build in one hard day followed by an easier day followed by a hard day (of training)!

Stick to this for three months.

Watch your game take off!

Oh and make sure you are practicing correctly, I see tons of players practicing out there now that streaming workouts has become the vogue but here is the issue. They are reinforcing bad behavior! Make sure you are executing correctly or crunch time in matches will lead to unforced errors!

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